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About Me

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by!    After a nine-day Caribbean cruise in January 2010, I enrolled in various land and water tours.    From the 2nd to the last day when I was in Barbados, I took a snorkeling tour with a small cat, and the first stop was over three shipwrecks in the harbor.    As I tried to swim to get a closer look, a team of three divers slowly descended towards the shipwreck closest to me.    They signalled me to join them, but I did not succeed in reaching them.  

    This experience stuck me all the way back home, and I signed up the next week for PADI's Open Water certification.    I was instantly taken up with sport and I haven't looked back since.  After logging more and more dives, I continued my diving education, with a GUE style buoyancy class taught by Ed Hayes (GUE Instructor), and completed my PADI Advanced Open Water Certification course later that first year  With greater control over my dive vehicle (I), I decided to jump into underwater photography. 

    Since I am not able to be underwater as much as I would like, I decided to expand into other photography areas such as Landscape, Black and White, Astro, People, Events, etc. to continue to hone my photography skills.    I still seek to learn and grow in every aspect of photography even today.

    While I was on assignment at DEMA, I reviewed DiveVolk SeaTouch 3 Pro for Underwater Water Photography Magazine in the UwP112 JAN/FEB 2020 issue.    This opportunity to work with such legends in the scuba diving industry still resonates with me today, and I knew I had to pick their brains for hours discussing the dive industry and photography.  A special heartfelt thank you to Phil Rudin and Peter Rowlands for inspiring me all these years.

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Phil Rudin and I at DEMA on assignment attending the WetPixel after hours party

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Phil Rudin, Peter Rowlands, Berkeley White

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Phil Rudin and Edward Lai

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